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The TORGEM origins come from Mustafa Torlak, nicknamed “Marango Mustafa” (Mustafa the “Carpenter”) who was a member of the first generation of the Torlak family from the Rize province of Eastern Black Sea Region. He had begun to manufacture small timber vessels in the beginning of 1880’s as a profession. This trade tradition of the family was continued by second-generation family member, Durmuş Ali Torlak, who also successfully built and delivered timber vessels of up to 200-250 DWT.


Upon the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, the Torlak family moved to Istanbul and continued to same works in Istanbul since 1930’s. The company then became known as “DurmuÅŸ Ali Torlak and Sons Collective Company”. It was founded with the engagement of the third generation members Mustafa, Aziz and Mahmut Brothers in 1952 after which the family business grew as the family integrated enterprise as company. They successfully built and delivered Turkey’s first steel vessel in 1968.

The decision to remain in building of steel vessels was made and led towards the business of Torlak families, as they are known today. The fourth generation of Torlak family by this time had become well trained and engaged in the sector. In 1977, they made the decision, to own and operate more shipyards via a separation into separate companies. Nowadays, 3 family Shipbuilding companies (each with their respective shipyards) operate as a separate corporation.

As a result of this decision Mr Kenan TORLAK, the oldest of the fourth generation and one of the veterans of Turkish Shipbuilding Industry, established TORGEM Shipyard in 1977. He was a graduate of Newport University, with a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration and continues as chairman of TORGEM Shipyard. Today he and his two sons (both a Naval Architects) are managing TORGEM and its larger establishment, the TOR GROUP of Companies.

The initial aim of TORGEM Shipyard was to establish itself as a leader in Turkish Shipbuilding. According to rapid progress in the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry Sector, TORGEM Shipyard has been decided to continue investments in Tuzla in 1982 by moving the yard from the Golden Horn. TORGEM was the first shipyard moved and started to operate in Tuzla by 1983.

By the year 2000 the TORGEM owners were owning and managing various companies in different sectors and made the decision to establish TOR GROUP, which is now the head structure for all of their respective companies. The companies were restructured by a renovated simple and flexible organizational structure followed by the application of new investments and manpower plan. As a result, TOR GROUP achieved a very effective position and pioneered to other shipyards due to their durability against other shipyards in hard competition conditions and the ability to repair and construct all kinds of vessels.

In wake of the worldwide financial crisis and its universal affect to most businesses, TOR GROUP made further revisions to structure and decentralised itself in order to have a more flexible and financially stronger position by setting up specialist affiliate companies which would each diversify in their niche markets by operating separately from each affiliate while under the ownership and control of TOR GROUP directors. As a result of this decision, TOR GROUP established two affiliates named "TOR MARINE" and “LEMMAR”.

TOR MARINE will focus on international turnkey markets for shipbuilding and repair orders especially in niche sectors such as offshore wind farms and oil industry support vessels, tugs, workboats, crafts, offshore, rigs, AHTS, etc., whereas LEMMAR will focus on local orders from Turkish ship owners in segments such as IMO II tankers, container ships, bulk carriers and other ships of a similar general cargo nature. The main reason of this separation being that the nature of business for domestic shipbuilding orders is significantly different from international turnkey orders as Turkish orders do not involve any bank refund or bank payment guarantees and have a significantly higher level of owner’s supplies meaning staff requirements as well as coordination and management methodologies are significantly different. As such the staff specialised in this field are now part of LEMMAR whereas staff specialised in international turnkey orders are now part of TOR MARINE.

The shipyard facilities of TOR GROUP will remain under the existing affiliate TORGEM Shipyard and will service the business requirements / orders of both TOR MARINE and LEMMAR. However due to a “heads of agreement” with other Torlak family owned shipyards, TOR MARINE and LEMMAR may also use the facilities of these shipyards in addition to TORGEM Shipyard making them even more flexible and capable in terms of order book capacity. The employed labour force are now part of existing affiliate, TORHAN which again provides even further flexibility be ensuring that labour force integration remains stable under TOR GROUP control while providing the additional business potential of securing subcontracting labour works from neighbour shipyards when such yards have additional labour requirements.


TORGEM has a four floor administrative building with a net useable area of 3200 m2. The Ground floor of this building has a net space of 500m2 (excluding the covered workshop area and Store areas), which consists of the building’s entrance, car park, security guard room, and medical/nurse room. The first floor has a net area of 500m2 and consists of various offices. The Second floor has a net space of 1250m2 that can be further broke down into an area of 750 m2 for changing rooms, galley and restaurant with the remaining area of 494 m2 being used for offices. The Third floor (i.e. top floor) has a net space of 1250m2 (excluding a terrace in the Chairman’s office), which consist mainly of office space, as well as a large Chairman’s office that has a meeting room (board room) next to it, as well as a private kitchen and small rest room (bed room). The Building is fully fitted with no incomplete works. The Outside of the building is decorative and covered with glass for ergonomic purpose. Terrace railings have done from aluminium. It has closed car park for senior executives that has direct connection with the road.

PL has current and in plan projects under its management and has structured its operations to support a well-defined strategic growth plan. The Executive Directors of PL have a strong international and regional reputation based on recognized strong track record of success in construction and project management and engineering internationally and regionally.


PL works with customers and partners to:

  • Select attractive and profitable construction & marine management opportunities
  • Develop deal structures, partnerships and alliances required to build new business
  • Manage the build & launch of new business operations through effective program and relationship management
  • Collaborate with partners to develop & implement effective operational strategies


PL focuses on a project portfolio strategy built around its unique capability to envision, source, develop and deliver complex projects achieving superior returns in stable, mature or emerging profitable markets and creating value through the use of its complementing value-creating partner networks.

PL strategic focus has 4 complimenting dimensions creating substantial strategic value, innovation, and commercial growth prospects which have an element of social value add within the regional and global markets it operates in.


Historically, the Middle East Region has not realized the full potential of its project management market, nor has it developed the niche expertise necessary that is found in other parts of the World. Early on, PL has realized the market gap and set out to provide regionally-focused high-quality construction management services to a number of regional clients leveraging on its experience and C-level relationships of its founder team and partner network strength. Since then, PL has been growing in revenue and profitability at exceptionally high rates.


Our strategic plan focuses on a number of critical dimensions that are regularly reviewed and translated into a set of actions that define how PL operates. These are:

  • Direction and Growth: Where are we now and where do we want to be.
  • Operational Excellence: What processes will enable us to achieve operational excellence across the board.
  • Stakeholders and Partners: Who are the strategic partners that we must work with to do it all?
  • Financial Performance: How can we consistently achieve outstanding financial performance now and in the future?
  • People & Leadership: Who are the people that will drive growth forward and what the talents that will be required are.
  • Innovation, Tech & Infrastructure: What are the Tech & Infrastructure enablers for us to be able to achieve innovation in the markets and industries we operate in.


PL will continue to distinguish itself on quality and operational excellence from other local and international companies. While most local project management firms lack in terms of operational excellence and quality and most international project management firms have either little commitment to the region evidenced by the lack of a locally based integrated sales and delivery platform.


Even with the ongoing world economic crises, the announced mammoth infrastructure and Oil & Gas projects agenda in Iraq, (current earmarked projects exceed USD 6 trillion) and lack of significant local regional competition offer PL stakeholders a compelling opportunity to further cement its capability and capacity as a specialty construction group of firms that captures value through the delivery of high quality integrated engineering, construction and supply chain services. We will continue to differentiate ourselves from other local companies in the emerging markets which suffer from lack of high-quality delivery capability, narrowness of geographic and/or service/product coverage and from other international firms by focusing and committing to the regions we operate in as well as serving mid-sized opportunities that fall below their radar screens.


Uniquely so, PL teams combines both critical expertise in construction and strategy. Providing comprehensive and effective construction, engineering and procurement solutions to optimize and coordinate processes for construction projects that span across the following services lines:

  • Complex Project Bid& Delivery Management
  • Value Engineering & Optimized solutions
  • Multi Discipline Construction services to Oil & Gas industry
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Construction Management


The PL team has successfully established a strong strategic relationships and operational partnerships with international construction firms, marine vessel owners, international engineering companies to jointly deliver projects within the GCC. PL management team is of the opinion that such strategic relationships will play a major role in growing PL as a key player in the region within 2-3 years.


Projects Link LLC received International recognition and been awarded the International Trophy for Quality (New Millennium Award) as a recognition for its trajectory and Business Excellence, in Geneva Switzerland in May 2008. Projects Link received the HSE Best service provider performance award from Nakheel in September 2008.